Critical Alignment Yoga focusses on practicing asanas to address chronic stress on both psychological and physical levels. During the yoga classes our teachers will guide you to execute the exercises in order to restore the balance of your body and move freely again.?We offer the following classes:

Beginners yoga

Accessible for both beginners as experienced students coming from another yoga background. In these classes we introduce you to the core principles of Critical Alignment.

Intermediate yoga

The Intermediate Yoga classes are a continuation of the basic principles of Critical Alignment.

In the follow up to the beginners lessons, the number of asanas and the complexity in implementation increases. These classes are designed for experienced Critical Alignment students who practice yoga several times a week.

50+ yoga

After living with years of accumulated tension, 50+ students see their alignment improve after each class, increasing the mobility and energy levels.


How do we reach the absence of thought? And how can the absence of thought create healthy thinking?

According to Critical Alignment, the tension in our thinking and the tension in our body are one. The connective negative force which reaches both the body and brain is stress. By breaking the tensions in our body we break the mental tensions we have built up based on trauma and cultural conditioning.

Through the body, we can reach our subconscious and change on a deep level.?When we go deeper in the release of body tension, new feelings arise: connective feelings, as we call them.?Experiencing our body as a whole, without fear or conflict.

Meditation is an inseparable part of each Critical Alignment class. We’ll focus on breathing and introspection during each lesson.


The Critical Alignment Therapy sessions have a special focus on spine-related problems, focussing on lower and upper back-related complaints.

Designed to discover the root cause of the tension and expressions of stress, you will learn how to deal with the underlying (physical and psychological) tension patterns to become more aware of your personal movement preferences.

Critical Alignment Therapy students begin with a 60-minute private intake. During the intake a Critical Alignment therapist listens to your story and the history of your complaint(s). After the conversation and a brief physical examination the therapist will offer advice on how?Critical Alignment Therapy?can be tailored to meet your needs.

The Critical Alignment Therapy assessment comes with a 10-class pass, paid together.