CA Yoga

The Critical Alignment Yoga training is intended for people who want to delve into this yoga form, where the “alignment” of the body is central. Good alignment means that the body can move freely without tension. From the perspective of movement, stuck body structures are broken.

During the training you will become acquainted with Critical Alignment Yoga and you will learn how to transfer the knowledge about Critical Alignment to others. After the training you can start working as a teacher.

Practical information:

  • The training consists of two series of 8 weekends, spread over 2 years.
  • The training is open to anyone who has no yoga experience yet, but also to yoga teachers from different styles who want to integrate Critical Alignment Yoga in their teaching.
  • Number of participants: minimum 15, maximum 22.

Data 2024-2025

The dates for 2024-2025 are not yet confirmed. We expect to start a new Critical Alignment Yoga teacher training within the next year.

If you wish to stay updated about the English language CA Yoga Teacher Training, please send an email to Laetitia Schulten via  info@criticalalignment.nl

Course content (subject to change)

Year 1

  1. Introduction CAY
  2. Connections I
  3. Connections II
  4. Bend over
  5. Bending backwards
  6. Spins
  7. Standing postures
  8. Inverted postures

Year 2

  1. Philosophy
  2. Teaching the elderly
  3. Series lessons
  4. Introduction to didactics
  5. Teaching I
  6. Teaching II
  7. Lesson structure
  8. Completion plus certificate issue