Head Stand Bench

The headstand bench is one of the official Critical Alignment tools developed by Gert van Leeuwen, helping to practice a variety of inversion positions in a stable and safe way, without experiencing pressure on the neck or spine.

Back Bend Arch

The wooden backbend arch helps to correct parts of your body that are difficult to reach without support.This introduction video shows how to use this tool during a critical alignment practice, focused on the upper back.

Backbender Explained

The Critical Alignment method is (amongst others) based on the notion that the upper back should be straight, rather than curved. The benefits of a straight upper back carry through to the neck, lower back and extremities. Backbend positions play an important role in this proces. Watch this video for…

Headstander Explained

Critical Alignment Yoga connects movement and relaxation. Restoring mobility to the spine increases the flexibility of the body. Headstander positions play an important role in Critical Alignment Yoga. In this video we explain a few headstander poses step by step.