Frequently asked questions Critical Alignment

On this page, you will find the answers to all your questions. If your question is not listed, please send us an email. You will receive a response as soon as possible.

Can I attend a trial class?
Yes you can. We offer trial classes for beginners and 50+ classes. You can purchase a trial class card with three classes. After trying these classes, you will know what beginner- or 50+ class feels best to you. Click HERE to buy the trial class card.

What is the validity of the different class cards? 

Card Validity
10 class card | Therapy Three months
Therapy | Intake + 10 class card Three months
10 class card | Beginners Four months
Trial 3 class card 50+ and beginner classes Three weeks
1 Single class Four weeks
1 Single online class Four weeks


*The validity of your class card is stated on your invoice. See question: ‘Can I download my invoice?’

Until when can I cancel a class free of charge? Reserved classes can be canceled free of charge up to one hour before the start of the class on the Momoyoga website or app. After this period, a class will be charged to the subscription or class card, regardless of whether the participant attended the class or not. This applies to online and offline classes.

How can I cancel/unsubscribe from a class? Click HERE for the instructional video.

I cannot log into my Momoyoga account. I forgot/lost my password, what can I do?
Click HERE to see what you can do.

Can I download my invoice? Yes, you can. Click HERE for the instructional video

Where can I find my remaining class balance?

On your phone:
– Go to the Momoyoga app.

– Click on “Account” (You must be logged in).

– Go to “My subscriptions and class cards.”

– Remaining balance.
On the Momoyoga website:

– Log in

– Click on your name in the upper right corner.

– Click on “My bookings and orders.”

– Click on “My subscriptions and class cards.”

Is it possible to pay in cash/PIN at your location?
All payments are made exclusively through Momoyoga: All punch cards, subscriptions, single classes, and workshops can be booked and paid for through Momoyoga. We do not offer Cash and PIN payments.

How can I check my bookings?
You can check your bookings on the Momoyoga website or in the app.

Momoyoga website:

– Log in

– Click on your name in the upper right corner.

– Click on “My bookings and orders.”

– Click on “Upcoming bookings/ Previous bookings”.

In de app you will only see your upcoming bookings. You can see them on the schedule (“Enrolled”, in green).

Can I bring someone to a class?
A subscription or class card from Stichting Critical Alignment is personal and non- transferable. If you want to bring someone to class, that person can purchase a single class- or a trial class card.

I am going on a vacation. Can I freeze or extend my class card? If you’re going away for more than a month or want to cancel a subscription, this is possible in consultation with the Critical Alignment Foundation. Just send an email to info@criticalalignment.nl. Remember: if you want to cancel your subscription, make sure to do it before the next direct debit date.”

I am sick/ injured, and unable to attend classes for a while. Is it possible to freeze/extend my class card? If you are sick or injured for more than a month, the expiration date of your class card can be extended in consultation with the Critical Alignment Foundation. Please send an email to info@criticalalignment.nl

I am sick/ injured and as a result cannot take class for a while. Is it possible to cancel my monthly subscription?
It is possible to cancel your monthly subscription. Please send an email to: info@criticalalignment.nl

I suddenly cannot attend my class, can I unsubscribe?
It may happen that you cannot take class last minute. Please note that for late cancellations, a class will be charged to your subscription or class card. Also see question no 3 and 4.

What if the studio closes and I cannot take class?  In case we have to close the studio and you cannot take class we will extend the expiration date of the card(s) and subscriptions with the time the studio has ben closed.

Which platform is used for online classes?
We use ZOOM for all online classes. Download the Zoom app for desktop or mobile HERE.

When will I receive the Zoom link?
Momoyoga sends an automated email with all information for the online class, 30 minutes before the start of the class. It is possible that your email provider may categorize Momoyoga’s automated emails as ‘spam.’ Check your spam folder.

I did not receive the Zoom link, what should I do?
If you register 30 minutes before the start of the class, Momoyoga will not send the email with the Zoom link. No worries, the Momoyoga system is set up so that everyone who booked an online class always has access to the online class information in Momoyoga. To access the online class:

– Log in to your Momoyoga account 30-15 minutes before the start of the class.

– Click on the title of the online class on the schedule.

– Click on the “Go to online class” button in the pop-up window.


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I bought a single online class; can I watch a replay?
Yes, you can watch a replay of the class – online & on demand, if you were unable to attend the class at the scheduled time, but ONLY when you have a subscription.