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Theme Meditation Block “Connected in Space”

Theme Meditation Block with Jacoline Norden Stress affects our physical well-being and our emotional life; we often feel blocked and restless. The connection to ourselves, what do we feel, and also to others, ‘what do I hear’ is ‘sparse’. C.A Yoga/Meditation offers possibilities to change this in a safe way:…

English On & Off Line CA Classes

On Tuesdays at 10:00 CET, Gert van Leeuwen teaches an English online CA Yoga class.  This class is open to everyone, from beginners to more experienced students. You won’t need the backbender and headstander, but you will need the CA strip and either the CA felt mat or 1-2 large…

How CA Institute Moscow focuses on transformation and unity, instead of conflict

A reflection of Michael Rybachenkov and Alya Latrygina In 2016 CA founder Gert van Leeuwen, and business owner and CA devotee Michael Rybachenkov, initiated the idea to create a Critical Alignment Therapy and Yoga Institute in Moscow. After years of preparation, the studio started to operate in March 2019, with…

Join us on the mat in Amsterdam

Every Tuesday at 19:30h CET we have a beginners CA yogaclass in our studio in Amsterdam. This class is open for beginners, but definitely interesting to more experienced students too! In this class we will use all the CA props, including the backbender and headstander. A great option to get…

Workshop Gert van Leeuwen

On Friday 31st of July, Gert will give a workshop backbends & inversions. The theme: how can you exceed the limits of your comfort zone without willpower but through imagination. For more information and reservation check out the workshop page.

Heropening studio Blankenstraat

We zijn ontzettend blij om te kunnen zeggen dat we de deuren van onze studio op de Blankenstraat weer open kunnen doen op 1 juli 2020! Vanaf deze datum kunnen we dan ook gelijk starten met het aanbieden van fysieke lessen naast de online lessen. Uiteraard houden we de corona…

Interview with Gert in the Moscow studio

In this interview with Gert Van Leeuwen at Critical Alignment Therapy and Yoga Institute, Moscow Gert talks about personal practice and teaching, no planning, about depth and emptiness, creative power and explorating deeper levels. And also about traditional Indian dance. Part 1:   Part 2:  

A tour through the Moscow studio

Have a look at the Critical Alignment Therapy & Yoga institute in Moscow. The studio is all about cosiness and comfort.